• M 80 BOX

    Gậy M80 Cavity là một tác phẩm đặc biệt, kết hợp tinh tế giữa kỹ thuật và mỹ thuật mà nhà thiết kế Honma Hiro đã tốn nhiều công sức để tạo ra nó.

  • M 80 BOX

    Gậy M80 Cavity là một tác phẩm đặc biệt, kết hợp tinh tế giữa kỹ thuật và mỹ thuật mà nhà thiết kế Honma Hiro đã tốn nhiều công sức để tạo ra nó.


    Former President of Honma Golf Co., Ltd

    Honma family is a branch of Sado Honma family, and is a leading merchant and Japan’s largest landowner mainly in Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture until the dismantling by liberalizing of farmlands. Honma family boasted their prosperity as being said, “Want to be at least a Lord, though far from Honma family’s prosperity.” Many past generations have extraordinary talents in culture and art as well as in business, and their pedigree is strongly inherited within the current Honma brand.

    Born in 1955 as the second son of the Honma family.
    1Established Honma Golf Co., Ltd. with his brother, Hiroaki, in 1963.From this time on, Honma Golf started to make a hit and became famous worldwide.
    Resigned from the company in 2005.He was involved in the production and design of golf clubs.

    Honma family

  • KenKawahara


    CEO of Kentack golf Japan

    Born in 1956 in Bunkyo City, Tokyo. At the age of 10, he holds the club for the first time and knows the fun of the sport of golf.

    In 1976, after entering Otemon Gakuin University, he started full-scale golf activities with the entrance to the athletic golf club. After having awarded at numerous student championships throughout the four years, and participating to the All Japan Student Championships, the Asahi Cup, and the Ministry of Education and Science contest, he obtained the annual seeding right for student competition in the Kansai region in 1978 and also obtained the mainline seeding in the 1979 Kansai Amateur Championships and take part in the contest.

    In April 1980, joined Osaka Honma Co., Ltd. At first, he was in charge of wholesale department such as golf shops, department stores, and mass retailers.

    In 1984, after being appointed store manager of Osaka Eki-mae 3rd Building store (total floor area 230 tsubo = 759 square meter) which was the largest sales floor within Honma Golf directly managed stores at that time,he assumed the position as an area deputy director of the West Japan and Central Japan of Honma Golf directly managed stores.

    In 1990, he became manager of sales department of Honma Golf Co., Ltd.

    In 1995, Honma Golf Co., Ltd. was listed on the over-the-counter market.

    In 1998, he became General Manager of Head Office General Sales Division and General Manager of Golf Course Business Division (Aso Takamori Golf Club, Honma Golf Wakayama Public)

    In 2001, he became director of sales and marketing at Honma Golf Co., Ltd. He was in charge of all Homma Golf Domestic Sales Offices, Overseas subsidiaries and supervised sales all over the world.

    In June 2005, he worked as an advisor for Honma Golf’s civil revitalization.

    Resigned from the company in June 2007. Joined Kentack Golf Co., Ltd., established in October of the same year by Honma Golf founder Hiroo Honma. Based on the previous Honma golf sales experience, he made an effort to contribute to the spread of Kentack brand mainly in foreign countries (America, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, China, and Thailand)

    In 2012, Acquired Teaching Professional of N.G.F(National Golf Foundation) JAPAN GOLF FOUNDATION

    In 2016, he received various Kentack brand trademarks from Hiroo Homma, and continued to expand the Kentack brand business overseas.